Weltrade IB Migration Guide

Weltrade IB Transfer. If you already have a trading account at Weltrade and plan to change your IB, it’s very easy. Please follow the instructions below :

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  1. Withdraw all the funds in your Weltrade account.
  2. Contact this WhatsApp number: +62812-7317-080. Submit a request to delete the account by mentioning your full name, account number, reason for deleting the account: “Change the IB”.
  3. After your old account has been successfully deleted, please open a new Weltrade account via the following link : Weltrade website

Your new account will be registered in our database and you can claim all the services we provide.

For further questions, please contact us : guruforexprofit@gmail.com

Risk Warning : Trading forex adalah kegiatan beresiko. Semua keputusan berasal dari diri anda sendiri. Sebelum memutuskan berinvestasi, mohon pertimbangkan tujuan investasi serta menyesuaikan dengan pengalaman anda.

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