Fullerton Markets Rebate $6/lot, Forex Cashback

You will get up to 6USD/lot rebate at Fullerton Markets if you fulfill all the requirements. This biggest rebate will increase your income faster. Learn more here.

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Rebate Value

There is a rebate classification based on 2 types of accounts, Variable Spread and ECN.

Variable Spread
Rebate : $4/lot
Extra 50% rebate for precious metals (gold, silver, platinum) : $4 + $2 = $6/lot.

Rebate : $2/lot
Extra 50% rebate for precious metals (gold, silver, platinum) : $2 + $1 = $3/lot.

Minimum Trade Point

There is no minimum trade point requirement. From all orders that you close, the rebate will be calculated to be paid.

Rebate Method and Period

Manual rebate (transfer from IB to clients). We will send rebates revenue every week to clients who are actively trading.

Rebate Requirements

  1. Open a Fullerton Markets account through this link : Fullerton Markets website
  2. If you already have Fulerton Markets account, please migrate it under our IB. Here is the instruction : Fullerton Markets IB Migration Guide.
  3. Fill in Rebate Submission Form. After you submit it, we will review your form and send you email as soon as possible to inform that your rebate has been activated.

Please note that those who will be approved are traders who become our client by taking steps in point 1 or 2.

For further questions, please contact us : guruforexprofit@gmail.com

Risk Warning : Trading forex adalah kegiatan beresiko. Semua keputusan berasal dari diri anda sendiri. Sebelum memutuskan berinvestasi, mohon pertimbangkan tujuan investasi serta menyesuaikan dengan pengalaman anda.

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